Rev. Kaiju’s Haus of Trash only the beginning.

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Tuesday Apr 04, 2023

     Come on and go space truckin with Tron And the Rev! On this episode we're cranking all twelve gears, slam down a couple space beers and slap some cubed pig asses as we cover Stuart Gordon's "Space Truckers". Turn Your coolant systems off, get real horny, fire up that electric Dong'O'Matic, set your Pachyderm 3000 on auto pilot and C'mon, C'mon, C'mon Let's go space truckin!!
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The One and only Tron? his wonderful artwork can be found here :  & Trons mindcave
Miss Jackie Anna aka The Rev can be found as well as on Twitch
Intro/outro Music for the show is Carvings #2 By Ish Kabibble

Wednesday Jan 25, 2023

           Step Inside the Haus of Trash to hear the horrifying, cyclopian, and unimaginably intoxicated gospel of Lovecraft film adaptations. Let your brains ooze out from your ears as your favorite Rev (Anton) and their trusty Alter boy (the one and only Tron!!) rant and rave about Lovecraft until they inevitably end up screaming mad in Arkham Asylum (no not the batman one)
             subject your mind to the inescapable madness of Richard Stanley's "The color out of space"! Then be sure to consult your Pineal gland as we fire up the Tillinghast resonator and dive deep into the strange happenings in Stuart Gordon's "From Beyond".
     Pack one up, Pour yourself a stiff one and let your mind be devoured by a hungry shuggoth on this episode of Haus of Trash.
      our hosts can be found on instagram at: Anton (Rev. Kaiju)
title music: Carvings No.2 by Ish Kabibble

Vampires! Fangs on Film

Tuesday Oct 18, 2022

Tuesday Oct 18, 2022

           Join us as we talk about a bunch of movies that suck... that's right its all about the undead aristocrats of the monster kingdom VAMPIRES! I'm joined this week by Aran of ClassHorrorCast , And Tom From the Strangebrew podcast (all links to those amazing shows below) Get a taste for blood as we sink our teeth into a delicious subject that's sure to quench your blood lust. Fangs on film and trust us you wont have to venture too far into the sun to  enjoy this one. So strap in, smoke up and make sure to protect your neck this time on Haus of Trash.
Check out all the great stuff Aran's got going on over at
You can Find Tomcat and all your favorite Hoseheads at

Tuesday Jun 07, 2022

 Hello again listeners and welcome to episode number two (insert sophomoric poop joke) On this episode were taking it to the streets and dear lord are they full of trash. Yes that's right were talking the delightfully deranged body horror classic street trash. So grab a bottle of Tenefly viper and melt into your toilet as Tom Thompson from the Strange Brew Podcast and I climb into the trash heap.  
    follow Tom at , ,
and be sure to Check out  
Opening and end of show theme is Carvings Pt 2 by the incomparable ish Kabibble

Tuesday May 17, 2022

On this the inaugural episode we're talking arguably the most meta film of the year Featuring Nic Cage as Nick Cage! were talking driving on LSD, gunfights, shameless self promotion and all out insanity that Only Nicholas friggin Cage can Provide.
On this episode we're joined by a certified total fan of Cage-sanity, Juan from the Juan on Juan podcast. 
links to all the awesome stuff this dudes doing on
     so spark one to the dome and check out Rev. Kaiju's Haus of Trash episode 1


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